Documents Required in EPF Registration & Withdrawal



EPF stands for employee provident fund and if you are working in a company then you might get to know about this term every now and then. Well, this is a government related scheme turned rules and every employee of company is said to get a EPF deduction a lot of times on uan login.

However, there are so many things that you have to consider when choosing up the EPF and there are some documents and steps that you need to take with you and follow up to get things done without any hassles.

Document Needed For EPFO Registration

Well, there are so many things that you need for your registration. Most of the times these are told by your company but if you still have any doubts with epfo member portal then you have to read out the section below –

  • Business Registration Certificate (Form 9)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (if your company is a ‘Sdn Bhd’ entity)
  • Forms 24 & 49
  • Company Profile
  • Business Registration Certificate & Form D
  • Company Registration Certificate – MOF
  • Contractor Registration Certificate with Bumiputra Status – MOF (if any)
  • You have to be sure that you are having the company’s MOF registration certificate as to get yourself registered.
  • If your registered certificate is no longer then you have to take one renewed from the company as to get things done in a better way.

Documents for EPF Withdrawal

  • 90% of total PF balance can be transferred to LIC.
  • New Declaration Form/Utilization Certificate is required
  • Certificate of doctor and Certificate by the employer that ESIC facility is not available to the member.
  • A medical certificate is required
  • Marriage Card is required.

You need all these things as to get your EPF in your hands.

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