EPF Online Transfer – Step by Step Guide on How to Transfer PF Online



There was an era when most of the people were loyal to the companies and they ended up spending their lives with the same company. Today, the youth wants a very fast life and hence they keep looking for better opportunities. The job switches are between companies and between cities as well. The challenge faced earlier during such a scenario was claiming the dues.

PF Transfer in Earlier Days

The transfer of PF earlier was a difficult process and hence many people chose to close the previous PF account. In such a case, they used to withdraw their entire corpus in the PF account with the last employer. The disadvantage of this was the fact that the PF account offers a higher interest than the saving accounts or the FD.

Present Day Scenario for PF Transfer

Today, with the launch of UAN, it is possible to transfer PF from one account to another without moving out of the house. Yes, that is right, the process is now available online and there is minimal documentation required for the same. The major advantage of this is the fact that you would not have to pay tax if you close your account before 5 years and you can also earn a higher interest on the PF Account.

If are also planning to switch job or if you have already switched job and if you are planning to transfer your PF then this article is specifically for you as we have listed the online steps to transfer PF Online.

Eligibility for Transferring the PF Online

There are certain eligibility conditions which you must meet before you are able to transfer the PF from one account to another. These conditions are

  • Your bank account should be linked to your UAN Number and your Bank Account should be KYC compliant.
  • Your UAN should also be linked with the Aadhaar Number and your UAN should be active.
  • There should be no deposit from the last employer for last one month.
  • Your mobile number should be linked to your UAN Number as you will receive the OTP on your mobile number.

Step by Step Guide on How to Transfer PF Online

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Transfer of PF from one account to another through online process.

  • To begin the process of PF transfer, you need to navigate to the EPFO Portal and the link to the portal is http://www.epfindia.gov.in/
  • Once the page is displayed, click on Our Services and then click on For Employees. This will display the employee portal of EPFO and you can then scroll down and click on Member UAN/Online Services (OCS/OTCP).
  • A new page will be displayed and you can now log in to your EPF account using your UAN Number and Password. Do not forget to enter the correct Captcha code in the designated area before clicking on the login button.
  • Once you log in, you will be redirected to the Home Page of your profile on the EPFO Portal and you would now need to click on Online Services. A drop-down menu will be displayed and from the menu, select One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request).
  • A new page with a form will be displayed, you can start the process of PF transfer by entering the basic details like the phone number if they are missing in the form. Scroll down on the page and you will find a column where you would need to enter the PF Number of your previous employer.
  • Enter the PF number of your previous employer and Click on Get Details. In the next step, an OTP will be generated on your mobile number so enter the OTP in the designated area to submit the request.

This was the process to transfer the PF from one account to another through online medium and it is certainly very easy to follow if you have Aadhaar Card linked to the UAN.

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